We learned in an earlier article that MLM marketing can get a huge boost in traffic by (among other things) paying for traffic to be sent to your business site. That’s the Pay Per Click (PPC) option. It means biding for the highest spot in the engine rankings. You already found out you can do this yourself, but that if you wanted to, you could pay to do this.

This is an area, although fraught with a few pitfalls, may pay off for you and your business if you take the time to do some solid research first. The other thing you will want to consider is not just doing PPC, but combining it with Search Engine Optimization. This gives you two methods to capture more market share. Combined, they’re more powerful as a team than they are standing alone.

PPC actually has a fairly long history. It was the IN thing at the end of the 90’s – the famous dot com boom. But, since it was so new and no one really knew what to do with it, it fell by the wayside, a victim of click fraud. Advertisers just went some place else and did their thing in safety. Is PPC click fraud still around? Most definitely, and that is due to the way it works. However, having said that, the industry is diligently working on ways to solve it. Look for even better things in the future with PPC.

There are hundreds of engines you could use to go the PPC route and five were already covered in an earlier article. Here are five more PPC search engines you can buy traffic from.

One: MSN AdCentre – new player on the block, still has some glitches to work out as it’s frustrating

Two: 7Search – smaller engine, good quality traffic good interface.

Three: Search 123 – One of the first search engines. Cost effective, good support. Fund with $50, they’ll give you $20 free.

Four: SearchFeed – Strong return on investment, reasonable search volume. Geographical targeting available with 11 countries

Five: ABCSearch – Solid targeting, decent traffic sources, good customer service. Will match your initial deposit up to $100